Pest Photo Gallery

This page displays a Trusted Pest photo gallery of many of the most common pests that come to reside in your home or place of business:

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs can invade your bed and feed on your blood while you are asleep, causing swelling and skin irritation. This can become quite stressful for the home owner. Trusted Pest Control recommends that you wash bedding and clothing in hot water. Vacuum all hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs and soft furniture. Double bag the contents of the vacuum cleaner, seal and dispose appropriately.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will inspect your home, concentrating on your sleeping areas, cracks and crevasses in vicinity of these areas. Bed bugs are nocturnal (active at night) and can be difficult to see by the untrained eye. Once the harbourage area has been located, our technicians will treat the area, concentrating in cracks and crevasses with specially formulated insecticide.

Rodents (Rats& Mice)


Rats and Mice are vermin that no home owner wants to see, not only are they repulsive, they can spread disease. In addition rats and mice can cause extensive physical damage to your home.

Signs of rodent activity can include droppings, rubmarks on walls were there has been high traffic of rodents, sounds normally heard at night, gnawing marks on wood, conduit, plumbing pipes and cables. Sightings during the day can suggest high infestations as they are nocturnal (active at night).

Our qualified technicians can make recommendations in ways to reduce infestations and set up a Rodent Control Program, which will include secure bait stations around your home. The lockable bait stations hold specially formulated bait within the station which means that secondary poising of non target animals are greatly reduced.

Bees & Wasps


Although Bees and Wasps are beneficial insects to pollinate our trees and plants, they can pose danger to humans. Their stings are painful and in some isolated cases, can cause death. Trusted Pest Control recommends that you do not attempt to eradicate the nest yourself as you can be surrounded by hundreds of bees and wasps that can sting you numerous times.

Our qualified technicians will use high powered dusting equipment to eradicate the nest. It is recommended that you keep your doors and windows closed and children indoors. Trusted Pest Control understands that a swarming nest can pose danger to you and your family and will endeavour to act promptly to attend your home.



Humans and our pets are ideal hosts for fleas, feeding on our blood and causing skin irritation and swelling. If fleas are left untreated they can multiply at an extremely surprising rate and may need numerous treatments.

In addition to chemical treatments, it is recommended that you take some measures to assist in the eradication of fleas. Trusted Pest Control recommends that you have your pets treated for fleas by a vet, vacuum all hard floor surfaces, carpets and rugs ensuring that the contents of your vacuum cleaner are double bagged, sealed and disposed of appropriately. Thoroughly wash bedding in hot water, including your pet’s bedding.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will apply an approved and specially formulated surface spray to all your hard surfaces and carpets including the outdoors, patios and lawns.



Ants are unsightly and can attack food that is not stored correctly. Our homes our ideal for ants as they provide shelter, food, warmth and water. Some ants can become quite aggressive biting and stinging, causing discomfort.

Our qualified technicians use the most effective gels and baits specially formulated for ants. These baits are safe to you and your family and are placed in cracks and crevasses. Once the bait is consumed by the ant, it will eliminate the colony. In other areas a surface spray may be applied to deter the ants from entering your home.



Cockroaches can be unsightly and a health concern due to transmission of diseases. Signs of infestation can include cockroach droppings which resemble pepper flakes, sightings during the day as they are nocturnal (active by night) and odours due to secretions from their mouths and outer shells. Cockroaches eat food that is not stored properly and vomit back onto the food, which is a serious health concern. Cockroaches are quit repulsive which can have a detrimental effect for businesses.

Our technicians will inspect the area of concern and identify the species of cockroach that is an issue. For general cockroaches our technicians will recommend a general spray treatment (surface spray) using the most affective and up to date chemicals. This general surface spray is recommended annually and will assist in the control of general pests including spiders and ants.

However if the infestation is identified as German cockroaches, our technicians will treat the areas of concern and target the roaches using specially formulated bait gels and surface sprays. This is a very safe treatment for you, your children and your pets. Untreated infestat



Australian spiders come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. There is an estimated 10,000 species inhabiting a variety of ecosystems. Some species make distinctive webs and many make silken repeats for protection or for their egg sacs. Some even dig holes with silken trip lines around the entrance. Spiders are abundant and widespread across Australia. Some of which are poisonous and can be harmful to you and your family.

As a safety measure we advise you wear gloves when gardening, wear sensible footwear when walking outside and avoid leaving toys out overnight as spiders can use it nest.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will treat your home with approved and most affective and up to date chemicals. This general surface spray is recommended annually and will assist in the control of general pests including cockroaches and ants, however not German cockroaches.